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By promoting an active environmental consciousness, the Stanford Sports Performance Department is helping to reduce waste, and save energy. Conservation of the Earth's natural resources and athletic excellence are equal and important partners in this necessary symbiosis.

No Light Lifting
Due to the large amount of natural light in our weight training facilities, the Stanford Sports Performance department keeps the lights off at sun up to sun down. This alone saves thousands of dollars per year on lighting costs as well as costs associated with cooling. Additionally this diminishes the amount of environmentally detriments greenhouse gasses produced by artificial lighting.

Recycle & Recover
Recycling bins are located in all weight training areas. As we promote recovery to our athletes through the use of supplementation, we also promote environmental recovery through recycling of all supplement containers and bottles that our athletes consume pre or post-training. With over 900 student athletes, the Sports Performance Department recycles approximately 160 gallons of RTD containers and bottles each week. Additionally, the Sports Performance staff recycles all paper materials including workouts.

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Go Card! and Be Green!

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